Interval Timer

Interval Training

What is interval training?

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a style of training, which was made popular by the Crossfit community.
It alternates between intense short exercise phases and rest periods.
The rest periods are chosen in a way that the body cannot fully recover until the next load interval.
This maximizes the training results and saves time compared to traditional endurance training.

The benefits of interval training

A study from 2019, showed that HIIT is more effective in improving cardiorespiratory fitness for children between the age of 6 to 17 when compared to classical endurance training. 
Another study from 2006 showed that alternating short intense training periods with rest periods results in the same muscle growth as a 90 min endurance workout.

Interval training assists you in managing the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity. 
It is boosting your metabolism to further improve fat-loss and improves insulin action and sensitivity.
Additionally it is less monotonous than classical endurance training.

Thus, by compressing your workouts and shorting your rest periods, you can make your workouts more effective and more fun!

Getting started with HIIT

To get started all you need is a selection of exercises that you want to complete and a timer application that keeps track of your training and rest times.

Try the following full-body, no-equipment workout routine:

  • Bodyweight Squats: 45 seconds
  • Rest: 30 seconds
  • Pushups: 45 seconds
  • Rest: 30 seconds
  • Reverse Snow Angels: 60 seconds
  • Rest: 30 seconds
  • Crunches: 60 seconds

For every exercise do as many reps as you can within the given time frame.
Repeat for five rounds with a rest period of 90 seconds in between and by round three your lungs will be burning.
The most efficient way to stay fit and healthy within a tight schedule.

With the Lapz HIIT Timer for iOS you can get started right away.
Download the app and the workout above through the following link:

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